« Le Centre de femmes La Moisson is like my best friend. I find  a warm welcom, an attentive listening and many opportunities to laugh, to celebrate, to get involved, to be indignant and to act with others to change things that bother me.»

    -A woman in empowerment

 « At the Center, I come to look for something positive since I have the chance to meet other women. I realize that I am not the only one who feels the burden of solitude. I come to seek moral help and I do pleasant activities. I spend a nice afternoon, I come home happy.»


« Sometimes in life, listening can change the course of a lifetime. »


« The Center helped me tremendously to overcome and get through my depression and divorce. The Center and the workers are always available and ready to listen to women and help them through their needs and difficulties. »


« The Center was my life buoy, my lighthouse in the night of my emotional distress. » 


« The Center is very important. It brings well-being, listening and mutual help in difficult times. We feel very appreciated and listened to. Isolation is broken. I call them my “angels,” because I feel so close to them.»