Our spokesperson

Geneviève Schmidt, actress

Since joining the Unité 9 team, Geneviève Schmidt, a native of Vaudreuil-Soulanges, receives many confidences and calls for help. Even if she does not have the resources to help them, she answers them as best she can. She is immersed in the personal life of perfect strangers, for whom talking to the actress is easier than discussing with their loved ones. And this is a very widespread reality, which the Women’s Center La Moisson is trying to remedy.

“Unfortunately, I did not know the Center existed. I saw people in need, but it was not my reflex to come here,” says Jessica Poirier’s interpreter. As its first spokesperson, she is firmly committed to making this valuable and essential resource known. “I will do everything to make sure the women know the center and they are not afraid to come knocking at the door,” she concluded.

Extract from an article published in the Journal “Première Édition” of November 22, 2014